WOPI to use office 365

You very most certainly MUST CERTAINLY NOT go the way you advised – uploading documents to Office 365 via API as well as somehow determining their view/edit URLs. (In this particular case you would not need to have to execute the WOPI workflow yet it is actually total rubbish.).

I desire to make use of office 365 api to open as well as revise the documents kept on my server. Just how may i upload documents coming from my hosting server to office 365 account without understanding to final user i.e. without asking the credential to finish user. What i desire to carry out is when there is actually any kind of open request will certainly post that file to my office 365 organisation profile and will open that in office online or from office 365 api.

If you would like to view or modify your Office documents in a web browser, you should set up an occasion of Office Online Hosting Server (Office Internet Applications) and also carry out a WOPI bunch.

Exactly how may i obtain this coming from my asp.net MVC application. Can easily i use WOPI here. Any kind of sample example are going to be actually appreciated.

If you need some .NET examples, check out this answer.

If you want to learn more about MS-WOPI and related protocols, read this answer.

Does MS have an API to interact with WEB office editors, document content and style?

Please note: I refer to the web interface for word / excel / power-point. Not the PC-installed Office.

Example use cases:

  1. I would like to upload office files and share them between several users, where they can collaborate on the same document
  2. Show my own dialogs to my users, inside the web editor? E.g. show dictionary value on a selected word
  3. Control styling of paragraphs
  4. Extract content from the document – E.g. to validate spelling

Yes. You’re looking for Office Add-Ins and the JavaScript API for Office; the ‘office-js’ tag here. This add-in model works in both web and desktop products though not all functions work everywhere.

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