Which is the best free application to open and edit Microsoft’s office files (Word, Excel, PPT) in an Android?

According to me, Microsoft Office Mobile Application itself is the best application to deal with.

Access files from practically anywhere: Cloud– With your phone, you can access Office files that are stored on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint. Current Documents– Office Mobile is cloud-connected. The files you’ve just recently seen on your computer are readily available on your phone in the current files panel. Email Accessories– You can see and edit Office documents connected to email messages.
Office files look spectacular: Great-Looking Files – Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents look fantastic on your phone, thanks to support for charts, animations, SmartArt Graphics, and shapes. Optimized for phone – Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been optimized for the small screen of your phone. Resume Reading – When opening a Word document from OneDrive or OneDrive for Business on your phone, it instantly resumes at the place where you left off reading, even if you last saw the document on your PC or tablet. Presentation Views – The Slide Navigator view in PowerPoint lets you search slides much faster, while speaker notes help you practice your discussion.
Make fast edits and share Documents Stay Intact – Formatting and material stay undamaged when you modify Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents on your phone. Develop– You can create brand-new Word and Excel documents on your phone. Remarks – You can evaluate comments that have been made in Word and Excel files on your phone and add your very own comments. Indication in with a complimentary Microsoft account to create, edit and conserve documents for home use.

You can download Docx Reader by app Studios android app from Google play. Its less than 10 MB size and can read Doc, Docx and PDF files immediately. It likewise has Word to PDF converter. Ranked as one of the finest business apps on playstore, this app has page sensible navigation, magnifier, find in document, sharing and deleting alternatives readily available as ease to the user. Docx submits older than Microsoft 2007 are also supported by this app. This app likewise has a Docx Manager which lists all the Docx, Doc or PDF files in your internal storage with address. On long press, it likewise shows the size of the file with choices to open, share or erase. You can easily open files from file manager, e-mail or cloud without issues. With support for all languages, this app does not need web connection and despite the little size it can display all images, bullets and styles of the file. It is really an app with a distinction on play store.

I can recommend an app that I have actually tried myself and it can quickly open Word, Excel, PPT, RTF and more for simply 4.5 MBs app size. Its Docx Reader, the app quickly converts Word to PDF and PDF to Word. It opens numerous formats and has an extremely nice file supervisor to share, search and delete files at ease.

It depends on the file structure where you will read/ compose.

Doing this with C ++ is quite trivial if the file doen’t have macros that dynamically alter its contents. However I have actually seen spreadsheets that are dynamically constructing via VBA. Because case you ‘d better open the file by means of COM intefece. Doing this with C ++ can be a bit challenging, See an example here: Access to an excel file through C++. So, the “right tool” for this job might be not C++, if you are on Windows and can use C# http://www.iditect.com/tutorial/excel-vba/.

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