Anti Spam Software is your solution to spam and junk email filtering!


Spam Agent can be used in a variety of ways, but we have specialized our versions for both home and corporate users.

Our customers consist of work at home professionals, parents, educational institutions, small businesses, large scale corporations, government offices, and more.

Home Users

Spam Agent can be used to block incoming Spam and quarantine it away from your inbox so you do not have to waste your time paging through endless spam e-mails. Spam Agent saves you time and energy from these spam messages. Tired of spam? Fight back with Spam Agent! Spam Agent has easy to use spam fighting tools to keep spam from reappearing in your inbox!

Businesses and Institutions

Spam Agent is great for businesses and institutions. Spam Agent can be used to stop any attachments coming into PC's on a network - thus lowering risk of damage to PC's from outside e-mails and attachments. Spam Agent is also cost-effective in the fact that it can keep users on task by eliminating spam from their inboxes - why waste time sorting through garbage messages when you could be on-task!

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Actual Customer Testimonial :
'No more spam and junk emails - THANK YOU!'

- Allison Dayton


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