PDF to JPG local conversion

I’m looking for a service that will enable users to transform PDF files perhaps of several pages into JPGs. The service should be regional, online services are a no go due to security issues and it must be as unbelievably basic as possible so non IT types can utilize it quickly.

I am attempting to transform a PDF to a JPG with a PHP exec() call, which looks like this:

convert page.pdf -resize 716×716 page.jpg

For some factor, the JPG comes out with janky text, despite the PDF looking just fine in Acrobat and Mac Sneak Peek.

imageMagick uses GS to render PDFs. Once IM is configured, PHP never touches it directly. If you’re running windows, you’ll discover it in you program files folder. You should have a “gs” folder. Because will be a “gs #. ##” folder. Those #’s are the version number. If it’s currently in your path, you can simply type “gswin32c” at the command line

ImageMagick is simply going to call out to Ghostscript to convert this PDF to an image. If you run gs on the pdf, you get the exact same badly-spaced output.

I believe Ghostscript isn’t really dealing with the PDF’s ingrained TrueType fonts effectively. If you might alter your output to either embed Type 1 font styles or use a “core” PostScript font, you ‘d improve results.

I presume its an encoding/widths concern. Both are a little off, though I cannot put my finger on why.

There’s a way to leave any old character value into a () string. You can likewise define strings in hex thusly

These typefaces defines their successive widths in specific varieties Not illegal, however definitely wasteful/stupid, and if GS were coded to EXPECT gaps in between the selections.

I am attempting to compose some code that will convert a PDF that lives on the internet into a series of jpgs.

I got working code that:

1) takes pdf

2) saves it to disk

3) converts it to JPGs, which are conserved to disk

Exists a way to write the exact same code (effort at code listed below, that tosses an error), that would take the PDF from web, however keep it in memory (to keep the program from composing to disk/reading from disk), then transform it to JPGs (which are to be published to AWS s3)?

Full code, in addition to appropriate PDF file that i want transformed. Keep in mind: the code works if i change f= with the area of a PDF saved money on disk.

The outcome of urlopen clearly isn’t a filename, so you can’t pass in filename= f and expect it to work.

I do not have actually Wand set up, however from the docs, there are clearly a lot of alternative ways to build it.

First, urlopen is a file-like object. Of course “file-like item” is a rather vague term, and not all file-like things work for all APIs that anticipate file-like items (e.g., the API might anticipate to be able to call fileno and read from it at the POSIX level …), however this is at least worth trying (note file rather of filename):.

with Image( file= f) as img:.

If that doesn’t work, you can always check out the information into memory:.

buf = f.read().
with Image( blob= buf) as img:.

Not as ideal (if you have huge files), but at least you don’t have to keep it on disk.

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