how to password protect the digitally signed pdf?

I m creating and signing pdf utilizing c#. Now i m using this code for password protection.

Can somebody tellme why is this taking place?

The whole point of a digital signature is to ensure that no one has damaged the contents of the file. By adding a password you are modifying it so the digital signature that was used is not valid and this is exactly what the error message is informing you. You will need to resign the PDF file after modifying it.

the other day while i signing the pdf after the password protection it worked. but now the generated pdf is not requesting any password while opening. that seeks signing the password protection that used in the past is not working.

And the op begins having a signed file which he wishes to password protect (which is not possible without breaking the signature). The response, on the other hand, does both in the exact same action.

I wish to do digital sign on pdf file.I have digital indication certificate dongle and certificate installed on my browser.How can we do digital indication on pdf file and verify those digital indication file

How to digitally sign PDF documents using Python? I have an etoken (in pen drive).

Furthermore, I have actually created an excel file using openpyxl and transformed it into PDF. Now there is a requirement that I require to add digital signature to that PDF file.

Is there any method I can attain this in python?

See Sign PDF documents digitally with Python. How you created the file shouldn’t make a distinction for signing unless the file is secured.

I’m attempting to digitaly sign PDF file with PHP. I have actually attempted to generate signed PDF using TCPDF library however with no success. The perfect option would be to just include signature to existing file (pdf).

You might want to take a look at this thread Digitally signing a PDF, using PHP, Zend, and openssl

The author posted his service under the very first response to the concern.

There is this

If you desire to develop a pdf and just sign it, this question will fix your problem. When I attempt to sign an existing pdf, my problem likewise comes. I do not know ways to use/import an existing pdf with the TCPDF library.

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