How to get excel fields and store that data in web server using C#

Download the ‘Express for Web’ edition of Visual Studio Express. Produce a Web Application, using C# or VC++ choice, where you can compose C language code. Have some Text box fields as per your requirement, load them by checking out fields from Excel file you have on server. Modify the text box fields. Have a button called Submit, to save the above brand-new values to Excel sheet on server. To compose and check out to Excel sheet, you can use.NET libraries, example looks to be this. Alternatively, you can save that stand out as CSV file (comma separated worths) file and write & check out to that.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet, Not a Database. You can use any database for this function. It includes calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programs language called Visual Basic for Applications. It has been a really widely used spreadsheet for these platforms. Microsoft Excel not use for any back end of a software

If you desire to utilize C in maintaining your information base connection with your application, you might require ODBC connection and #sql. h, #sqlext. h headers. Running on a web client is not possible. It only operates on a CLI.

You might not need a web server to store this information all you require is a data base server.

Preparing Your Server: In your remote or regional computer system which you want to use as server set up an information base server like MySQL. Produce Tables like you have in the above picture and fill them with data. you can do above step with a gui like Download MySQL Workbench or utilizing sql which features the server installation.

Completing your Client: in a simple c program you can access these data by utilizing mysql c API. you might have to download some lib files. there are lots of excellent tutorials online about this MySQL C API shows tutorial. get data by sending sql inquiry through this API get the data back and shop in the variables you require.

Let’s stay with Firefox. When you check out post from this link, you’ll recognize that your file has to be not just HTML however use particular tags, as explained here.
I would develop a macro that conserves content of your sheet as HTML based on specifications form the design template file. To make it happen you would have to loop through cells in your sheet and include HTML tags based on row or column, or value of given cell.

You can install web browser ad-dons that import lists of URLs from easy txt file. For example Flem for firefox.

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