how to create and download excel document using

Ways to develop and download excel document utilizing

The function is to utilize xml, linq or whatever to send out a stand out file to a consumer through an internet browser.

The consumer load a gridview (made with ajax structure) in a web browser, the gridview is directly linked to an sql database. I put a button ‘export to excel’ to let consumer conserve this gridview information on his computer system ansd i wish to introduce a tidy download of a stand out.

The options proposed here are not tidy, like send out an html file and alter the header to excel file etc, i’m searching a simple solution on codeplex right now, i will let you understand.

I have downloaded the Open XML Format SDK 2.0.

It includes 3 beneficial tools in:

C: \ Program Files \ Open XML Format SDK \ V2.0 \ tools.

DocumentReflector.exe wich vehicle create the c# to construct a spreadsheet from the code.
OpenXmlClassesExplorer.exe display Ecma requirements and the class documents (using an MSDN style format).
OpenXmlDiff.exe graphically compare two Open XML files and look for errors.

I recommend anyone who start to rename.xlsx, so you can see the XML files who drive our spreadsheet (for the example our sheets are in “xl \ worksheets” ).

just set Response.ContentType=”application/vnd. ms-excel” and your page will rendered as an excel sheet on the customers web browser. sample code here.

There are quite a couple of ways of managing this, depending on how substantial the Excel performance is. Binoj’s response works if the Excel is just a spreadsheet and has no direct Excel functionality developed in.

To produce a more complete featured Excel doc, you have two basic choices that I can think about offhand.

Use either the office parts (re: bad) to create a stand out file, or a third celebration element, like Excel Writer. Great element, however there is a cost.

Use a control on the page that permits export to Excel. Most vendors of ASP.NET controls have this performance on their grids.

Alternative # 1 allows you pretty much all performance of Excel. Alternative # 2 is a bit more minimal, at least in the controls I have actually attempted.

In my case, the table has more than 800k records. I am applying more filters before downloading the excel sheet. What is the very best way to download an excel sheet from the datatable which has numerous countless rows?

First of all since that isn’t an excel spreadsheet however a tab-separated-values file (which can be opened in excel and does exactly what you desire), then do not depend on the header as that can just bring confusion:.

( Strictly “. csv” is an extension generally specified as being for comma-separated-values instead of tab, but it’s more frequently set up to open in Excel, LibreOffice Calc, or whatever spreadsheet program people have set up, and they’ll typically think about CSV and TSV as versions of each other).

Do not buffer. You have Response.Buffer = true; set to explicitly ensure you keep masses of information in memory before sending it, you wish to do the opposite, so Response.Buffer = incorrect; is the way to go.

You might discover it much better still to clearly call Response.Flush() every couple of hundred or thousand rows: int rowCount = 0;.

Explore greater or lower worths than 1024. Higher sends out bigger chunks which mishandles in needing more memory to hold it, however efficient in the actual sending of the chunk is snappier, so the optimum value will be a matter of finding the finest balance between those two aspects.

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